Top 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

By James Madeiros


Doesn’t just knowing there are three health benefits make you feel better? We should probably stop right here and think no more on the subject, but then no one would believe us at parties if we couldn’t back up our healthy habits with facts.

Health Benefit #1

Although these aren’t in any order, it may be worth noting first that drinking alcohol may reduce the risk of heart disease in men by up to 51%, which seems like a lot. Women also were found to benefit in the Spanish study, but not to the extent of men.

Perhaps even more unbelievably, the study showed that heavy drinking decreased the chances of heart disease by even more than 51%, but the study did not address the inevitable side effects of drinking tons of booze; namely cirrhosis, alcoholism and perpetual unemployment.

Health Benefit #2

Gallstones are nasty little accretions that occur in the gallbladder that are typically made of cholesterol. Sometimes these can get lodged in a bile duct and cause pancreatitis. It’s very serious and very painful and you don’t want it.

Thankfully, studies have shown that drinking can lessen the risk of gallstones, which are actually very common due to the high fat content in the average diet. Studies are inconclusive as to how much alcohol is needed to have a positive effect, however, which makes dosing difficult …

Health Benefit #3

For those of you who already drink and have already had a heart attack, studies show that continuing drinking can better help you to avoid a second heart attack. Again, though, women do not appear to share in the joys of this discovery.

It probably goes without saying that these health benefits are conferred – if and when they are conferred – only by drinking in moderation. Studies show that excessive drinking is only healthy for 1% of the population, and ironically that 1% does not read this blog.

Legal Stuff: Of course, we should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. If you’re going to drink, do it legally and responsibly; don’t be stupid =).

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