Life of the Party Hangover Kit


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  • hangover kit
  • Life of the Party Hangover Kit
  • Life of the Party Hangover Kit

Product Details

Our kit contains everything you need to make an unforgettable night less regrettable. Perfect for holiday festivals, bachelor[ette] parties, secret santa gifts or other special occasions.

Hangover Kit GuaranteeWe guarantee you will feel healthier after using our novelty kit or we will give you all of your money back, including shipping. No product to send back or forms to fill out. 
1. Two Drinkwel Packets
2. 12 Healthy Cocktail Recipes
3. One Pack Electrolyte Tablets
4. One Pack Sugar-Free Mints
5. Smart Drinking Tips

How to Use

1. Start the night by taking your first Drinkwel packet (3 capsules) with water and reading through our drinking tips.
2. Drink smart. Try making one of the healthy cocktail recipes from your 12 Smart Cocktails booklet.
3. Bring your mints along for the night. You never know...
4. Before bed, take your second full Drinkwel packet with water.
5. When you wake up, have your electrolyte tablets and a healthy breakfast. 

Our Guarantee

We always offer a simple guarantee: feel healthier taking our products or receive all your money back, including shipping. No products to send back. No forms to fill out.  

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