Kudzu Flower

Kudzu was mentioned in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Shen Nong Canon of Herbs, about 2,000 years ago. In Chinese, it is known as g gēn (葛根), one of 50 fundamental herbs.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kudzu Flower has a dispersing effect on alcohol toxicity. Its ability to enter digestive organs is believed to provide it the ability to help a hangover.

A study's result suggest Kudzu Flower has a stimulatory effect that helps eliminate blood acetaldehyde, which may passively mitigate acetaldehyde toxicity associated with excessive alcohol intake. [1]

Kudzu is reportedly near extinction in some parts of China due to widespread popularity as a remedy; however, it is considered an invasive weed in the United States. The traditional Chinese cure for hangover is Kudzu Flower. The Chinese name of the tea made from Kudzu is literally translated to ''sober up.''

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